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JAVAUniversity Course Registration System

A University Course Registration System where can student can pre-register and register courses and also can use curriculum, grade, course dag and other useful feature.

JAVALibrary Management System

Library Management System, there are three typesof user role Admin, Librarian and Student. Here, Admin is themain role of this system who can set up the main function.Then Librarian can manage book and student. Last Student canaccess to see book informati

PHPOnline Tailoring Website

Your custom clothing website should have a neat interface. Users should be able to browse the website & explore all of its basic features without creating an account.

PHPSoutheast University Information

A helpful website for Southeast University where students can store previous question, solution etc.

JAVABook List Store

Book store management system where book list can be maintained for a small business or book data entry.

CMSOnline Shopping E-commerce Platform

A shopping cart system. It is an open source PHP-based online e-commerce solution

CMSCustomer Support System

Helpdesk provides Businesses with an automated Helpdesk system to manage customer support. The word Faveo comes from Latin which means to be favourable.

CMSSocial Networking

It is a php social network script, It is the best way to start your own social networking website !

GraphicsBMW M2 Coupe Car Modeling

A demo of a BMW car. This car includes the outside body and some inside body.

PHPThis Website

This is a personal website for sharing blog and store portfolio and test my projects.